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   RPMs Built and Announced at about Mon May 14 08:28:54 2001.

   xmms-crossfade-0.2.8-1.src.rpm                        204551
   xmms-crossfade-0.2.8-1rh62.i386.rpm                    82704
   xmms-crossfade-0.2.8-1rh71.i386.rpm                    89008

   Main archive is located at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/xmms-crossfade
   Mirror locations and build machine information listed below.

   RPMs are built with rpm version 4.0.2.
   Required programs listed are either updates or are not in the default
   RedHat 7.1 installation.

Name: xmms-crossfade               Relocations: /usr 
Version: 0.2.8                             Vendor: Peter Eisenlohr <p eisenlohr gmx net>
Release: 1                             Build Date: Mon 14 May 2001 08:17:34 AM CDT
Install date: Mon 14 May 2001 08:18:10 AM CDT      Build Host: leo.grantgeo.com
Group: Applications/Multimedia       Source RPM: xmms-crossfade-0.2.8-1.src.rpm
Size: 218463                           License: GPL
Distribution: FalseHope RPMs
Packager: Ryan Weaver <ryanw falsehope com>
URL: http://www.netcologne.de/~nc-eisenlpe2/xmms-crossfade/
Summary: XMMS Crossfade Plugin
XMMS Output Plugin for Crossfading / Continuous Output.
Features Include:
* Crossfading
* Continuous output
* Gap-Killer: Some mp3-encoders produce small gaps of silence
  at the beginning or end of the stream. These can automatically
  be detected and removed.

   Package                          Distribution (Or Url)
   glib-1.2.10-ximian.2             Ximian GNOME for Red Hat Linux 7.0 / i386
   gtk+-1.2.10-ximian.8.1           Ximian GNOME for Red Hat Linux 7.0 / i386
   xmms-1.2.4-1.20010509cvs1        FalseHope RPMs

* Mon May 14 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw falsehope com>

- Fixed a bug which could cause very ugly feedback when using
  the silence-after-fadeout crossfader feature. This does only
  happen when you have activated an effect plugin in XMMS.
- Fixed a small configure script error.

* Thu May 10 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw falsehope com>

- Lots of minor bugfixes. 
- Added an option to increase the device buffer size used
  by the builtin OSS driver. This may help avoiding buffer
  underruns during playback.

* Mon Mar 26 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- Support for a second effect plugin.
- Crossfading when seeking.

* Thu Mar 15 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- Fixes the 'Limit OP buffer usage' bug, as well as another,
  tiny bug. See the ChangeLog for details.

* Mon Mar 12 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- Added the option to fade in/out at the beginning/end of playback.
- Added optimizations for latency and quality. The new fadeout
  option allows you to avoid the loud knacks some soundcards produce
  when suddenly being stopped.
- Bugfixes (inserting pauses, playing small files)

* Tue Jan 02 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- Added automatic album songchange detection. XMMS-crossfade can now
  detect pre-faded tracks (like on live albums or some compilations)
  and automatically disable crossfading. 
- Fixed a bug which caused the Leading gap length setting not to be saved. 
- Fixed automatic buffer size calculation. 
- Minor, mostly cosmetic updates of the configuration dialog. 
- Configure script updates.

* Sat Dec 02 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- Just some small bugfixes. See the ChangeLog for details.

* Tue Nov 28 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- Automatic buffer size calculation
- Force close/reopen of output plugin during crossfade.
  This is useful with the disk_writer plugin.
- Bugfixes

* Sat Nov 18 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- Use any existing output Plugin
- Set crossfading parameters separately for  manual and automatic
- Set fade length/volume separately for fade-in and out
- Almost complete rewrite of the code. A few new files have been
  added. Some routines have been separated from the main code and
  put into separate files (oss.c, rate.c, format.c, effect.c).

* Fri Jun 30 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- initial RPM Build.
- Fixed effect plugin handling. All effects which used the
  query_format() callback did not work, including QSound iQ.
  Also, effects are now applied after crossfading and synchronous
  to device output. The LiveIce plugin will work now, too.
  Thanx to Olle Hällnäs and Jamie Zawinski for help on this one.
- Fixed a bug which could cause crashes when saving config
- Fixed a crash when crossfading between slow inputs
  (like a cdrom spinning up)
- Closing the monitor window no longer unchecks the "Show Buffer
  Monitor" option in the configuration dialog
- Fixed bad synchronization with analyzer/visualization output.
  Also changed "Known Bugs": The analyzer will always work, even
  with no buffers at all.
- Enabled crossfading on manual songchange!
  This has been requested by numerous people.
- Added support for arbitrary rates. Now it is possible to play
  files with rates other than the standard 11025, 22050 and 44100.
  Thanx to Thomas Nilsson for reporting.
- Changed default buffer sizes to 2500/750.
- Moved Credits from AUTHORS to README

- Initial release


   RPMs are built on a Pentium II 400mhz w/128megs RAM with RedHat 7.1
   plus updates from ftp://updates.redhat.com installed.

   These files are also available on the following sites

PGP Key can be found at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/Ryan_Weaver.pgp.key
GPG Key can be found at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/Ryan_Weaver.gpg.key

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