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Seawolf RPMS : gabber-0.8.3-fr2

The RPMS below are built on a default Red Hat Linux 7.1 (Seawolf) system
with always all the latest official updates applied.
To install these packages, you may also need to install some others from the
main Seawolf RPMS, the Seawolf powertools and/or freshrpms.net but no other
third-party ones unless otherwise mentionned.

Binary and source RPMS are always both available for download from :



Name: gabber                        Size : 3637003
Version: 0.8.3                 Distribution : Fresh RPMS
Release: fr2                         Vendor : Freshrpms.net
Group: Applications/Communications
Built: Tue 15 May 2001 01:44:19 AM CEST (on devel.freshrpms.net)
Packager: Matthias Saou <matthias saou est une marmotte net>
Source: gabber-0.8.3-fr2.src.rpm
License: GPL

Summary: A GNOME client for the Jabber instant messaging system.

Gabber is a Gnome client for the distributed Open Source instant messaging
system called Jabber. Gabber aims to be a fairly complete client while
remaining easy to use, trying to maintain a balance between too many
features and being powerful enough.


Special note : This build requires to upgrade to gnomemm 1.1.19 which is
also available from my website, and like the previous builds, you will also
need gtkmm 1.2.5.

Feedback of course is very welcome.

Kind regards,
Matthias Saou

Matthias Saou
matthias accelance fr

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