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   RPMs Built and Announced at about Thu May 31 13:02:03 2001.

   parted-1.4.14-1.src.rpm                               681010
   parted-1.4.14-1rh71.i386.rpm                          319714
   parted-boot-1.4.14-1rh71.i386.rpm                     283343
   parted-devel-1.4.14-1rh71.i386.rpm                    141969

   Main archive is located at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/parted
   Mirror locations and build machine information listed below.

   RPMs are built with rpm version 4.0.2.
   Required programs listed are either updates or are not in the default
   RedHat 7.1 installation.

Name: parted                       Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version: 1.4.14                            Vendor: Andrew Clausen <clausen gnu org>
Release: 1                             Build Date: Thu 31 May 2001 12:45:09 PM CDT
Install date: Thu 31 May 2001 12:46:03 PM CDT      Build Host: hellstone.falsehope.com
Group: Applications/System           Source RPM: parted-1.4.14-1.src.rpm
Size: 847578                           License: GPL
Distribution: FalseHope RPMs
Packager: Ryan Weaver <ryanw falsehope com>
URL: http://www.gnu.org/software/parted
Summary: The GNU disk partition manipulation program.
The GNU Parted program allows you to create, destroy, resize, move and
copy hard disk partitions. Parted can be used for creating space for
new operating systems, reorganizing disk usage, and copying data to
new hard disks.

   Standard Red Hat 7.1 installation

Name: parted-boot                  Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version: 1.4.14                            Vendor: Andrew Clausen <clausen gnu org>
Release: 1                             Build Date: Thu 31 May 2001 12:45:09 PM CDT
Install date: Thu 31 May 2001 12:46:18 PM CDT      Build Host: hellstone.falsehope.com
Group: Applications/System           Source RPM: parted-1.4.14-1.src.rpm
Size: 573704                           License: GPL
Distribution: FalseHope RPMs
Packager: Ryan Weaver <ryanw falsehope com>
URL: http://www.gnu.org/software/parted
Summary: flexible partitioning tool
This package includes a stripped down version of parted that can be used
as part of a boot/rescue disk.

This is just the binary. Renamed to parted-boot.

   Standard Red Hat 7.1 installation

Name: parted-devel                 Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version: 1.4.14                            Vendor: Andrew Clausen <clausen gnu org>
Release: 1                             Build Date: Thu 31 May 2001 12:45:09 PM CDT
Install date: Thu 31 May 2001 12:46:18 PM CDT      Build Host: hellstone.falsehope.com
Group: Development/Libraries         Source RPM: parted-1.4.14-1.src.rpm
Size: 365680                           License: GPL
Distribution: FalseHope RPMs
Packager: Ryan Weaver <ryanw falsehope com>
URL: http://www.gnu.org/software/parted
Summary: Files for developing apps which will manipulate disk partitions.
The GNU Parted library is a set of routines for hard disk partition
manipulation.  If you want to develop programs that manipulate disk
partitions and filesystems using the routines provided by the GNU
Parted library, you'll need to install this package.

   Standard Red Hat 7.1 installation

* Thu May 31 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw falsehope com>

- use libtool 1.4
- if we don't HAVE_TERMCAP_H, then, stick in a prototype for tgetnum()
- put AM_ENABLE_SHARED in... new libtool disables shared libraries
  by default.
- set -lreadline before checking for rl_completion_matches in
  configure.in (Timshel)
- use glib's library versioning system (Timshel)

- ext2_mkfs bug fixes (hidden by old revision level being 0!!!):
- ext2_inode_relocator.c, added (long) casts in fprintf() (thanks
- added AC_CHECK_FUNC(rl_completion_matches) to configure.in,
  and in ui.c, use that instead of completition_matches, if it is
  available. (completition_matches is being phased out)
- replaced "type -p" in configure.in with: LFS_CFLAGS="`getconf
  LFS_CFLAGS`" && CFLAGS="$CFLAGS $LFS_CFLAGS" (ash doesn't support
  type -p)
- added #include <string.h> to libparted/fs_ext2/ext2_mkfs.c (thanks
- cleaned up ped_partition_set_system(), wrt disk_type

- new po/de.po (German translations)
- fixed loop_read() - checks part != NULL *before* trying to access
  it now ;-)
- create revision 1.0 ext2 file systems (and not rev 0.1)
- configure.in: s/which/type -p/
- configure.in: shuffled things to get rid of warnings
- new po/gl.po (Galician translations)
- new po/ja.po (Japanese translations)
- added 64-bit endian macros
- #include <string.h> in fs_ext2/interface.c
- fs_ext2/ext2_mkfs.c: ext2_mkfs() now makes most of the "use-default"
  parameters 0. (This isn't a public interface, so no incompat)
- added CFLAGS=-Werror (yay!)
- applied move syntax patch (make END specification optional) from
  Vincent Stelhé <vincent stelhe free fr>. Thanks!
- fixed ped_device_{open,close}, so they only change dev->open_count
  on success
- cleaned (and fixed endian bug) in mkfs code... directory entries
  are made properly now
- fixed man page (thanks Timshel!)
- constified ped_file_system_type_get_next() (thanks msw!)
- fixed example 2 in doc/USER (section 2.5.2)
- changed msdos_write() (in libparted/disk_dos.c), to make the
  per-logical container extended partition just wrap the contained
  logical partition (and not extend to the end of the main extended
  partition) Apparantly this fixes problems with other partition
- configure.in: CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -D_REENTRANT" - useful for threaded
  users of libparted
- fixed buglet... the arbitary/safe/conservative number of 5
  was chosen for the number of heads to try when aligning logical
  partitions. However, for (virtual) disks with heads < 5, this causes
  wrap-around, causing recursive partition tables. Fortunately, heads <
  5 is rare, except for using Parted on files, or whatever. s/5/PED_MIN
  (5, dev->heads)/ in disk_dos.c
- minor changes to doc/USER and doc/FAT
- changed int -> size_t for lots of stuff in parted/strlist.c
- moved -luuid out of LIB and into UUID_LIB, to prevent multiple
  ugly -luuid's
- added AC_ISC_POSIX to configure.in
- fixed typo in error message in configure.in ... libbuid -> libuuid
- libparted/fs_ext2/ext2_resize.c, type-cast to (void*) first arg
  to ped_realloc()

* Mon Apr 09 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw falsehope com>

- updated docs w.r.t. boot disks
- sun_partition_align() allow partitions to END anywhere now
  (but prefer at the end of cylinders)
- added assertions ped_partition_is_active (part) for
- for msdos disk labels: if the partitions aren't alignend properly,
  now makes an attempt during msdos_partition_align() to align properly.
- new pt_BR.po (thanks Eliphas)
- moved Sun disk geometry sanity checks from sun_probe() into a
  separate helper function _check_geometry_sanity(), which is now
  called by sun_open().  Now allows users to ignore.
- fixed endianess bug in disk_sun.c.  The size of the whole disk
  partition was being computed incorrectly.
- in ped_device_close(), assert that the device is open (thanks
  to Wouter Coene)
- catch a bug in gcc 2.95.2 in ext2_mkfs_init_sb()  (thanks Wouter)
- only call bindtextdomain() in ped_init() if native language support
  is enabled.  (thanks Wouter)
- fixed the assertion in disk.c, in _disk_check_sanity().  On msdos
  disk labels, free space partitions should be > 5 * disk->dev->sectors,
  not > 5 * 63.
- now explicitly requires autoconf 2.49b, and will complain sufficiently.

* Sat Mar 17 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw falsehope com>

- changed include/parted/endian.h, to use __u{16,32} instead
  of unsigned {short, int}
- more copyright notice bureaucracy
- fixed BSD d_npartitions endianness and fencepost bugs
- fixed includes in libparted/libparted.c
- deal with serial numbers properly in FAT
- ped_geometry_destroy() no longer calls ped_geometry_sync()
  (what was I thinking?!)
- made the alignment-workaround go by default in script mode,
  and made it more inviting ("it is safe to ignore", etc.)
- work around bug in Windows ME, that generates broken partition tables

* Tue Feb 20 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- new ja.po
- new USER.jp
- ext2_mkfs() and swap_write() doesn't zero out the first block.
  useful for Sun...
- fixed bsd_partition_align() - checks if the intersection of
  two constraints exists, before trying to find a solution.
- updated doc/USER, wrt CHS/LBA, etc.
- fixed ext2 mkfs code: the lost+found inode gets create/modify/access
  time time (NULL), rather than 1969 ;-)
- fixed fat: changed FatCluster from __s32 to __u32.  Arghh.

* Mon Feb 05 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- added Sun regression tests
- fixed (hacked) disk_dos.c and disk_bsd.c, so *_partition_set_flag()
  always pass an fs_type != NULL to ped_partition_set_system()
- added partition flags for Sun disk labels
- more hacking on Sun stuff
- added Sun disk label support (thanks Ben!)
- added UFS probe/clobber support (thanks Ben!)
- added PED_DEVICE_FILE support (as opposed to going through
- we now require autoconf 2.49b to build configure from configure.in,
  because it provides the new AC_CHECK_SIZEOF
- use new AC_CHECK_SIZEOF for off_t.
- changed configure.in to match the new AC_CHECK_TYPE
- hacked libtool.m4 (!)... I hope this all gets fixed properly, soon..
- tried to make libparted/device.c more portable
- libparted/fs_fat/bootsector.h - fixed the size of the FAT16 part of
  the union... needed an extra byte in boot_code.  (purely aesthetic ;-)

* Tue Jan 16 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- fixed ped_file_system_clobber() - wasn't leaving/fetching
  exceptions properly
- fixed _calc_min_logical_start() - was horribly broken.
  Only affects the new work-around for "cylinder not aligned", etc.
- don't try to guess the geometry for a second time...
  (introduced geom_already_guessed to PedDevice)
- ext2_mkfs now enables file-type by default.
- ped_partition_new() (not DISK_partition_new()) calls
  ped_partition_set_system() now. Makes sure it calls
  ped_partition_set_system() for extended partitions too!
- added documentation for ped_file_system_clobber()
- fixed semantics for ped_file_system_clobber() - they need
  to change, since ped_file_system_probe() is different...

* Mon Jan 08 2001 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- msdos_partition_new() if there is no file system passed, sets
  the system to 0x83. 0 is a bad choice, because it means it isn't
  a partition. It's an even worse choice, because it will make
  msdos_probe() fail.
- "partition not aligned" workaround (similar to that in 1.2.x)
- uses dgettext (PACKAGE, ...) instead of gettext (...). Updated
  API docs, to reflect this (for ped_partition_flag_get_name(), etc.)
- released 1.4.6-pre1
- fixed brain-dead bug, dealing with min_geom in _primary_constraint()
  in libparted/disk_dos.c
- released 1.4.6-pre2 (internally)
- fixed another bug (out-by-one, in _primary_constraint(), again)
- added bindtextdomain() to ped_init()
- removed that annoying "Parted's boot loader" message
- ped_file_system_probe() now attempts ped_file_system_open(), if
  there is any ambiguouity
- mac_clobber() now nukes the partition map as well ;-)

* Fri Dec 29 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- documented PedConstraint and PedAlignment (doc/API)
- made incompatible change to API: changed ped_constraint_exact()
  now takes a PedGeometry, not a PedPartition (what was I thinking?!)
- the bug fix in 1.4.5-pre3 (wrap-around bug) was wrong. Fixed
  properly now.
- made the FAT16 <-> FAT32 conversion messages more friendly
- ext2_mkfs() now makes sparse file systems by default
- rearranged ext2_mkfs() a bit, and separated generation of the
  super block
- fixed bug in ext2_mkfs(): if there isn't enough room for per-group
  metadata in the last block group, then chop it off!
- fixed ext2 bug in ext2_is_data_block() in ext2.h. I forgot to
  endian-awarenize (?) it!!!
- FAT resizer now avoids changing the fat type (FAT16 or FAT32)
  in script mode
- removed error checking, after the "point of no return" in the
  FAT resizer
- updated documentation, adding info about FAT16 <-> FAT32, and
  boot loaders
- fixed nasty wrap-around bug in fat_construct_directory()
  and fat_convert_directory(), when directories have their last
  cluster/sector filled.
- merged in FAT32 boot loader fix (now copies the "hidden sectors")
- merge FAT fix from 1.2.14-pre1
- Apple_Free partitions have status 0x0 (not 0x33)
- fixed _ext2_get_resize_constraint(). constraint->min_size was
  calculated in (ext2) blocks, not 512 byte sectors. (patch from
  Matt Wilson)
- commented out "this is not a block device", because it already
  warns about "this is not SCSI/IDE", etc.
- added another example to the documentation
- made the "unable to align partition" error message a bit more
  understandable, and allow the problem to be ignored.
- added an assertion to ext2_is_data_block(), to make sure the block
  is in the file-system.
- added a note about "make install-libs" for e2fsprogs

* Thu Nov 30 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- fixed a brain-dead bug in ext2_meta.c:109. This bug causes
  growth of ext2 all file systems, that require more GDT blocks
  to get corrupted!!! OUCH!!!
- fixed regression tests, to test GDT growth
- ped_device_add() adds to the end now
- added a check in /proc/partitions for devices
- added error checking to both versions doinode(). Hmmm, do I like
  this idea of 2 doinode()'s?
- finalized the copyright assignments, and now we can get rid of
  lots of annoying bureaucracy (read: s/Andrew Clausen, Lennert
  .../Free Softw.../g)
- changed "cp FROM-MINOR [TO-DEVICE] TO-MINOR" to

* Fri Nov 24 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- added ped_file_system_clobber_exclude(), and resize/copy now use it.
- fixed hfs_clobber() and reiserfs_clobber()

* Sun Nov 19 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- fixed a few mistakes in doc/USER (thanks Stefan!)
- now uses the en_US locale for numbers. (quick fix, because the
  "lexer" isn't properly i18nized yet - I'll fix this properly
  next week, because I intend to do Major Surgery TM on the
  command parser anyway). Basic problem is: the lexer says a
  number is [0-9.]+, but in Europe, s/\./,/.
- loop-back is now probed last.
- removed dependance on <linux/fs.h>
- discovered that type-casts have high precedence. oops.
  s/(long) EXPR/(long) (EXPR)/, which fixes seg faults on PPC.

* Wed Nov 15 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- added read-only support (useful for disk imaging from CD-ROMs)
- changed default behaviour to warnings such as "not a block device" (in
  libparted/device.c) to PED_EXCEPTION_IGNORE.
- removed the scary "development version only TM" message.  OOPS!

* Mon Nov 13 2000 Ryan Weaver <ryanw infohwy com>

- added ./configure --enable-all-static
- mac_partition_new() now sets the name to "untitled".
- added an assertion, that the disk has the PED_DISK_TYPE_EXTENDED
  feature, for extended partitions, in ped_partition_new()
- file systems only get ped_file_system_clobber()'d if mkfs is
  supported for that fs
- fixed hfs_probe()
- fixed some bugs with the mac_partition_align() stuff
- cleaned the doc/USER a bit more
- Mac bug fixes & reorganisation
- mac_partition_align() - greedily takes up free space now, if it
  is consistent with the constraints.
- set policy for _partition_align() - must be in update mode. Changed
  other functions to meet this.
- fixed a stupid bug introduced in 1.4.0-pre6, in libparted/disk_dos.c,
  read_table() Was passing a pointer to a pointer of a constraint,
  as opposed to the pointer.
- much hacking on Mac support
- fixed a bug in libparted/disk_mac.c, that broke mkpart*.
  In mac_partition_new(), it was checking for failure, but missed out the '!'.
- commented out the linux-swap Linux 2.0 warning. It annoys more users
  than it helps.
- hacked around the mac-boot & no-HFS problem, by setting the file system
  temporarily, in mac_partition_set_system() (YUCK!)
- applied a patch from Masahiro Sakai <ZVM01052 nifty ne jp>. Now uses
  mbs* as opposed to iconv. That fixes lots of brokeness, but there may
  be problems for utf-8 users... but this will be solved by gettext in future.
- fixed the annoying linux-swap on mac bug (it was trying to set the
  swap flag, before setting the partition type to linux-swap, which
  caused the Mac disk label code to complain)
- fixed a bug in ped_constraint_solve_nearest() - errr to complicated
  to explain - easier to look at the diff. Basically: I wasn't taking
  the intersection of the allowable start and end ranges properly,
  WRT min_start.
- removed some memory leaks from libparted/disk_dos.c, around the
  constraint stuff.
- fixed boot flag stuff for Mac
- docs have been massively updated (ages ago...)
- merged in changes to 1.2.10-pre3 (notably: malloc() debugging, and
  all the bugs / leaks fixed as a result ;-)
- added ped_disk_remove_partition()
- mac fixes: writes new signature now, s/Apple_Unix/Apple_UNIX/g
- reiserfs_probe() - doesn't probe outside of the partition any more ;-)
- lots of work on API docs
- added a bit to the documentation about how to deal with the boot disk,
  when it doesn't support your hardware


   RPMs are built on a Pentium II 400mhz w/128megs RAM with RedHat 7.1
   plus updates from ftp://updates.redhat.com installed.

   These files are also available on the following sites

PGP Key can be found at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/Ryan_Weaver.pgp.key
GPG Key can be found at ftp://ftp.falsehope.com/pub/Ryan_Weaver.gpg.key

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