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Privoxy 2.9.18

This is another release candidate on the long and winding road to the long
awaited, oft-delayed 3.0 stable release. Bug fix release only.

Privoxy  is  a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for
protecting privacy, filtering web  page  content, managing  cookies,
controlling  access, and removing ads, banners,  pop-ups  and  other
obnoxious  Internet junk. Privoxy  has a very flexible configuration
and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes.  Privoxy
has application  for  both  stand-alone systems and multi-user

Privoxy is based on Internet Junkbuster (tm).

ChangeLog for Privoxy
*** Version 2.9.18  ***

- Added workaround for IE bug that broke CGI interface
- Bugfix: String actions now reliably editable through CGI interface
- Three filters fixed (again!)
- Assorted small fixes and doc enhancements

*** Version 2.9.16  *** 

- Major revamp of default.action to get rid of years of cruft.
- Same for default.filter
- Re-design and major improvements to the CGI editor interface.
- Address spurious 'out of memory' error due to incorrect file
- Impose buffer limits while reading client and server headers.
- Better memory and CPU optimization.
- Add Conectiva Linux package.
- user-manual directive added to config for help links from within CGI
- Multiple actions files can now be specified in config.
- Actions files are changed to: default.action, standard.action, and 
  user.action. user.action is for personal/local configuration.
- The usual many small and miscellaneous bug and security fixes.





 Privoxy Developers

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