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Re: RH4.2 and Aptiva

On 17 Oct , John Angelmo wrote:
> OK i'm running an Aptiva DX2/66, 20 meg RAM, 250 meg HD

This is a Micro Channel Architecture Machine (MCA) and Red Hat is very
specific that this is *not* supported by Red Hat Linux 4.2.

Take a look at...


which says...

	Incompatible Busses 

	MicroChannel (MCA) bus.

The problem with MCA is that it is not a public specification in the
same way that ISA or PCI is - it is IBMs proprietary buss. This means
that Linux developers cannot freely obtain the specification that would
allow them to program at or close to the hardware level...and so no
Linux on MCA.

That said, I think there is some work going on with the MCA bus and
Linux...but you would be wise not to hosd your breath.

Certainly you will not get Red Hat 4.2 installed on such a machine. If
this is the only machine you have, I suggest you return the package for
a refund.

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