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LI.... (again)


I've been trolling through the archives and FAQs and have followed the trials and 
tribulations of many a LILOer.  Still can't get this thing working.

Redhat 4.2
AMI BIOS (flags for LBA, Block Multisector, PIO, and 32bit support)
1gig Quantum Fireball IDE
10X CD (some crappy ACER I think)
Adaptec AVA-1515 SCSI host adapter
HP C3010 2gig SCSI Drive (this is the real fireball!!  ;))

The install runs smoothly, It detects the IDE HD, CD and the Adaptec and installs 
everything without any complaints. I have set aside the entire SCSI drive for 
Linux.  I thought that I should install LILO to my MBR on my boot (C) drive.   
This is how I've configured LILO before (given: Linux resided on a partition 
of the boot drive). 

Upon reboot I got the scrolling death screen of 01 01...  After fiddling around 
with the IDE BIOS settings I managed to get the new and improved 00 00 ... and 
finally arrived at the current LI .

I reran through the install and tried to write LILO to a floppy.  I got the same 
results as described above (on the IDE drive).

Should I rerun the install and load LILO onto the superblock of the SCSI drive?

How will I be able to boot Linux?  I don't mind having a boot floppy that boots 
the SCSI drive.

I know if I can get to a LILO prompt I can do the linux root=/dev/sda1 thing but I 
cannot get there.  

I know I am close and I am dying to get this up so I can start asking PPP questions!!

Thanks for your time and patience,

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