Installation RH9.0 on DELL PowerEdge 2200

Rick Stevens rstevens at
Tue Jun 7 18:02:31 UTC 2005

Uher, Lubomir wrote:
> Hello,
> many thanks for your response.
> I can boot only from floppy drive, because without driver RH9.0 doesn't
> recognize SCSI controller on DELL PC.
> I mean, that CDROM drive isn't still working. System was recognized only
> ADAPTEC SCSI controller, but no SCSI CDROM drive. I supposed, that system
> found CDROM drive automatically. 
> Could you give some direction for this issue ?

When the BIOS comes up on the machine, does the CD show up on the IDE
controller or the SCSI controller?  Does the BIOS even see the Adaptec?

The RH9 CDs should absolutely recognize any Adaptec SCSI controller with
the 78xx or 79xx chipset.  The floppy should also, if you used the 
bootdisk.img file to create it.
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