Large Hard Drive install problems

Mugleston, Brad brad.mugleston at
Tue Jun 7 20:15:02 UTC 2005

I was given a PII computer - generic brand, can't read who made the board w/o pulling the computer apart.  I'm going to use it as a file server for my house and I've got a 160G hard drive to put in it.  It only recognizes 8G of the drive.  Do I need a special card for this drive or am I doing something wrong during the FC2 install? Maybe a bios upgrade?

If its a driver card what information do I need to have to get the right one?  It's a 160G ATA 100 drive.  Slow but cheep.

If it's bios - I haven't upgraded a bios for a long time will I need to install windows to do this (I don't remember seeing a bios upgrade for Linux but again that was awhile ago).



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