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gerrynix gerrynix at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 7 21:42:05 UTC 2005

> > Waldher, Travis R wrote:
> >> Ok... let's get past the AACKK!!! Why would you poison your linux box
> >> with that!?? Lol
> >>
> >> Is there a GOOD step by step tutorial on how to use the frontpage
> >> extensions on the server side anywhere?  I have them loaded, I just
> >> don't know how to use them and make it available for my websites.
> >
> > Oh, GOD!  Frontpage with Apache is a farking nightmare, Travis.  We
> > used to offer it and gave it up as a real management nightmare.  I'd
> > have to go back and look at my archives to give you details, but I do
> > recall that each user's directory has to have the FP executables in it.
> > Doing this on a virtualhost system can be horrific.
> >
> > Man, if I could ever dissuade you from even offering such an awful
> > abomination, I'd do it.  Microsoft doesn't even support it anymore.
> >
> > There are literally hundreds of HTML generators out there that only need
> > an FTP upload to make them live and they'll work on IE, Apache or any
> > other webserver out there.  Do NOT get into this black hole.  Trust me!
> > Treat it like a hotel fire...stay low and just get the hell outathere!
> Come on Rick, quit beating around the bush and tell us what you REALLY
> think.  8^}
> Seriously, I have a client on which their ISP installed Frontpage
> extensions. After we decided to upgrade their server, they decided not to
> use Frontpage anymore, it was a nightmare just getting all that garbage
> OFF the system. . .
> Karl

On the other hand, if you or your client wants to use FrontPage to
create web pages and publish them to any web host without "Extentions"
it's not a prob. FrontPage has the (internal) option to publish with ftp.
I have a couple of clients who do just that.

All the server Extentions really provides is support for some "cute"
things MS decided to put in (what they call web components), not to 
mention the ability to edit pages residing on the server, directly.
Otherwise FP is a formidable WYSIWYG HTML editor w/o using the "MS web
components" b-s.

BSD has must have good support for Extentions however, Yahoo! and SBC 
virtual hosting is mostly on BSD and FrontPage support is an included option 
on all plans.
> >> Thanks,
> >> Travis
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