OT: Apache and frontpage

Waldher, Travis R Travis.R.Waldher at boeing.com
Tue Jun 7 22:28:50 UTC 2005

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> There are literally hundreds of HTML generators out there that only
> an FTP upload to make them live and they'll work on IE, Apache or any
> other webserver out there.  Do NOT get into this black hole.  Trust
> Treat it like a hotel fire...stay low and just get the hell outathere!
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> > Travis

I'm game for that... because right now this is looking like a royal
pain.  On apache 2.0.52, I got the extensions loaded, installed...  but
then it wouldn't let me login.  The kicker was when I couldn't find much
for "how-to's"; just some cryptic information.

All I would need is a web page editor that is WYSWYG, would be great if
it would support some of the "bot" stuff FP does (not the same, but same
end result is what I mean).  Things like thumbnails, etc.

This is for my wife to update our personal web pages.  She wants simple
and easy to use.  Something that frontpage basically gave her.  I'll
take a look at the FTP option, because I don't think we are using any of
the bots at the moment.

Oh.. gotta be free too.  I'm running this on my own box, so I'm not
limited in any way.

What would be some good recommendations?

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