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Waldher, Travis R wrote:
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>>There are literally hundreds of HTML generators out there that only
> need
>>an FTP upload to make them live and they'll work on IE, Apache or any
>>other webserver out there.  Do NOT get into this black hole.  Trust
> me!
>>Treat it like a hotel fire...stay low and just get the hell outathere!
> I'm game for that... because right now this is looking like a royal
> pain.  On apache 2.0.52, I got the extensions loaded, installed...  but
> then it wouldn't let me login.  The kicker was when I couldn't find much
> for "how-to's"; just some cryptic information.
> All I would need is a web page editor that is WYSWYG, would be great if
> it would support some of the "bot" stuff FP does (not the same, but same
> end result is what I mean).  Things like thumbnails, etc.
> This is for my wife to update our personal web pages.  She wants simple
> and easy to use.  Something that frontpage basically gave her.  I'll
> take a look at the FTP option, because I don't think we are using any of
> the bots at the moment.
> Oh.. gotta be free too.  I'm running this on my own box, so I'm not
> limited in any way.
> What would be some good recommendations?

Have you looked at Quanta+?  Comes with Fedora.  Works pretty well.
Of course, Google would have LOTS more!  :-)
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