That Hateful Cddrive!

Michael Horton Michael.Horton at
Thu Jun 9 14:36:55 UTC 2005

sometimes the application must be closed and restarted
sometimes the pc must be rebooted

Roberto wrote:
> Hi everybody, I am a Linux user from 2 months, but I am really really 
> desperate!
> In fact I have a problem with my cd-dvd drive. The problem is that if I 
> write a cd iso with the drive, I am not able to use that cd with Linux! 
> I tried to burn it with Windows and Nero, and then with Linux, but both 
> the cds I got don't work with Linux and are perfect with Windows!
> I discovered this while I first tried to install RedHat Linux with the 
> cdroms I created with the images downloaded from RedHat Network. Even 
> during the installation only the first cd didn't give me problems, but 
> everytime I needed to change it in order to go on with installation, the 
> cdreader did always the same: while it tries to read the cd I hear 
> sounds like "woooooom", as it reads the cd at the maximum speed, and 
> then I hear a big "toc", as it stops reading, and then a message "no 
> media in the drive" appears.
> I had the same problem while I tried to install the Mandriva LE distro 
> with the 3 cds I burned in Windows.
> But the strange thing is that all the cds are perfectly readable with 
> Windows XP! So I cannot think that the drive is damaged, but there must 
> be something to configure in Linux, even during the installation.
> But what is it?! I tried to disable DMA but nothing changes.... so now I 
> really do not know what to do.
> I have to say that I can use anyother cd/dvd, that I haven't burnt by 
> myself, with Linux.
> My PC is a Dell laptop Inspiron 8600c, with a NEC Cd, DVD+RW.
> I really hope that somebody can finally help me.
> Thank You All very much!
> Roberto, Italy
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