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Rick Stevens rstevens at
Thu Jun 9 17:03:31 UTC 2005

Tech Guy wrote:
> HI,
> I have a question regarding memory management particularly with java. I 
> understand that linux threads are implemented as cloned processes and 
> each thread has its own process and thus "ps" shows up multiple number 
> of processess for a single JVM.
> In my scenario I have multiple Weblogic instances running , say around 3 
> running its own JVM. So when I give ps command and grep for java , I see 
> more than 80 java processes. my free memory shows up as some 10 MB which 
> is a normal and system is not out of memory.
> But I want to know is there any way to know when the system is really 
> running out of memory.
> any suggestions, tips and links are appreciated

Use the "free" command to see what your memory usage is like.  You can
also run "vmstat" to watch how the system evolves over time.  If you see
the system start swapping, you're out of memory.
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