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brad.mugleston at brad.mugleston at
Sun Jun 12 04:54:18 UTC 2005

Got my Large hard drive installed - works Fine Business...

Now it doesn't like my monitor - KDS - recognized it but when it
tries to open a Window session it can't do it.  How does one
reconfigure the monitor under FC2?   I guess I need to configure
it manually and the only program I found tries to do it for me
and it doesn't work.

Also, put a NIC in the machine (not new but not too old) and on
power up nothing is written to the monitor (not even the BIOS
stuff) and the machine freezes so the only thing I can do is pull
the plug.  Is the card bad?  I thought it was working when I
pulled it.

Oh, one last thing - I had a 8G hard drive in the machine and
installed the 160G - I let the install do what it wanted but the
only thing it put on the 8G drive was the /boot stuff, the rest
went on the 160.  I'd rather have most of it on the 8G drive if
possible.  Other than re-installing everything manually can I
just MOVE directories over to the hda1 drive from the hdb1 drive?

If so can I have on the hda1 drive the directory of
\home\brad\mail and on the hdb1 drive could I have
\home\brad\stuff or does \home\brad.... need to be all on one
physical drive?

If I can split the drives how does the move command work to move
to a different drive - for that matter how do I creat a directory
on the hda1 drive that is not under \boot?  Like how would I make
a hda1 directory of \home\brad?  If I cd \ and mkdir
\home\brad it will be on the hdb1 drive.....


Brad Mugleston, KI0OT

There are 10 types of people in this world.  Those that
understand binary and those that don't.

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