Large Hard drive

Mark Knecht markknecht at
Sun Jun 12 05:45:46 UTC 2005

On 6/11/05, brad.mugleston at <brad.mugleston at> wrote:
> How does one
> reconfigure the monitor under FC2?

xorgconfig or something like xf86config if you are using Xfree86.

> Is the card bad?


> Oh, one last thing - I had a 8G hard drive in the machine and
> installed the 160G - I let the install do what it wanted but the
> only thing it put on the 8G drive was the /boot stuff, the rest
> went on the 160.  I'd rather have most of it on the 8G drive if
> possible.  Other than re-installing everything manually can I
> just MOVE directories over to the hda1 drive from the hdb1 drive?

No, I do not think so. There are issues with links and things that
won't survive a simple move command. You might want to search out 'dd'
commands for transferring a partition from one drive to another. Rick
has talked about it on this list before but I've never done it.

> If so can I have on the hda1 drive the directory of
> \home\brad\mail and on the hdb1 drive could I have
> \home\brad\stuff or does \home\brad.... need to be all on one
> physical drive?

No, the complete contents of /home/brad do not need to be one drive. I
mount /dev/sda1 as /home/mark/music while /home/mark is /dev/hda3. I
also mount NFS shares under my home account.

> If I can split the drives how does the move command work to move
> to a different drive

It's just a move but it will be slower since it's from one physical
drive to another.

> - for that matter how do I creat a directory
> on the hda1 drive that is not under \boot?  

Linux mounts (normally) by partitions. /dev/hda needs a partition for
you to mount under /home/brad. (I hope I understand what you mean. I'm
finding this paragraph a bit harder to follow...)

> Like how would I make
> a hda1 directory of \home\brad?  If I cd \ and mkdir
> \home\brad it will be on the hdb1 drive.....

Again, think about mounting partitions. You need to create partitions
on the drives you want to mount and directories where you want to
mount them.

Off to bed for me I think.

Good luck,

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