OT: Apache and frontpage

Waldher, Travis R Travis.R.Waldher at boeing.com
Mon Jun 13 03:21:38 UTC 2005

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> From: Rick Stevens [mailto:rstevens at vitalstream.com]
> Subjective matter of opinion, Andrew.  In my opinion, I'd say so.
> Caveat emptor, however.  No RH support on FC...just the mailing lists.
> I've been doing this for 30 years, however, so it takes a lot to scare
> me!  I can usually dig my way out.  :-)
> We have FC1, FC3 and FC3 boxes in production.  I'm wringing out FC4p2
> boxes as I write (and they seem OK for the most part).  When FC4 is
> released next week, I'll run tests on those also, and if they hold up,
> we'll use it as well.  FC, with a few minor glitches, works quite
> Remember that FC1 WOULD have been RH10 had they not changed direction,
> and RHEL4 is based on FC2.  All of my personal boxes save one (a Mac
> Mini) are running FC3 (including my Opteron), and that includes the
> ones at the office.
> We also have Centos (whitebox version of RHEL3) in production along
> with FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, HPUX and IRIX.  As far as Unixen go,
> we're pretty agnostic.

Ok... I have frontpage and apache 2.0.54 working happily together.

First frontpage extensions and out of the box apache from redhat = bad.
It's much easier to use the source from apache themselves.

Now... I'm left with one annoyance.  The web admin pages work, but I
can't use the same usernames and passwords to access the websites with
frontpage.  Whenever I attempt a login the login prompt bounces right
back again.

I have done everything all the help pages on the internet, including
Override All in every instance AllowOverride exists.

Any pointers?

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