CUPS printing via the network

Mark Knecht markknecht at
Mon Jun 13 21:20:22 UTC 2005

   I have a working CUPS printer on a default install FC2 machine. I
would like to share this printer via CUPS with other Linux machines on
the network. CUPS appears from the manual to support this so I've
tried setting it up on my client. I've told CUPS on my remote desktop
that the printer is an Internet Printing Protocol printer and I've
tried both of these options for an address of the printer:


but in both cases CUPS on my client end tells me the printer is busy
and the printer never prints anything.

   What am I doing wrong?

   Could a problem like this be caused by a firewall running on
Christmas? If so what's the process of correctly opening up a port for
this to work.

   Does the default FC installation make printers visible on the
network as per the CUPS manual?


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