Upgrade from Redhat 9 to Fedora Core 3 problem,

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 05:41:32 UTC 2005

On 6/13/05, Leila Lappin <damovand at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm attempting to upgrade from Redhat 9 to Fedora core
> 3.  I'm an application developer not a system person
> so I purchased the CDs instead of attempting to
> download and burn them myself.  Tonight after I
> received the CDs I started to install them but the
> process hangs just as soon as it starts.  The
> following is what happens.
>      Insert FC3 first CD and restart my system
>      Choose "Graphic Mode" by pressing enter
> A bunch of diagnostics run on the console then the
> screen starts changing color, the diagnostics fade out
> and a bunch of vertical lines appear.  After that
> nothing happens the CD drive open but when I place the
> second CD in it nothing happens.  Does anyone have any
> idea what's going on and why?   If this is not the
> right place for me to ask my questions could someone
> please suggest a better list or forum?
> Thanks for your advice

   When the disk first starts up it's going to allow you to choose a
kernel and also to add some kernel options. Try a few options, such as

nousb noacpi nofirewire nokudzu

Those are just possibe suggestions and not real guidance. Look at the
options list. It's there somewhere. Try changing a few and seeing if
you can get past this. I've had problems with P4HT machines and USB

Also try doing a text install instead of graphics. Sometimes that helps.

Good luck,

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