How to recover for booting Windows CD and Windows partitions?

Andrew Tsang ccandrew at
Wed Jun 15 10:47:33 UTC 2005

I original have 3 Windows XP (different languages) respectively in
partition hda1 (1st partition), hda3, and hda4. Partition hda2 was
empty. I then repartitioned hda2 to become 3 consecutive partitions &
the previous partition hda3 & hda4 became hda5 and hda6 but there was no
change with the actual disk location where the 3 Windows partitions
resided. Then I installed Red Hat Linux with /boot in hda2, swap in hda3
& / in hda4. I used Grub to configure for multiple boot during the
installation. After installation (without error), I was able to boot
Linux and Windows XP of hda1 (the 1st partition). But when I booted the
Windows XP of either partition hda5 or hda6, booting failed and the
following error message was displayed:
"The following file is damaged or missing, unable to boot Windows:
<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll ...."
I tried to recover from the Windows XP installation CD, but I was unable
to boot the CD (booting of the CD works on another PC). When the PC
displayed "Hit any key to boot from CD ..", I hit ENTER and it displayed
"Setup is inspecting your hardware configuration", then screen blanked
and the PC hung. I needed to reset the PC and the same process repeated.
Booting of the Linux installation CD is fine. Note that the Windows XP
installation CDs booted well before the Linux installation.
How can I recover the boot record (or something else) so that I can boot
from the Windows Installation CD as well as the 2 Windows XP in
partition hda5 & hda6?
--Andrew Tsang
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