How to recover for booting Windows CD and Windows partitions?

Rick Stevens rstevens at
Thu Jun 16 17:47:54 UTC 2005

Andrew Tsang wrote:
> I’ve figured out the problem of booting the 2 WinXP at the last 2 
> partitions. Since the partition numbers of these 2 WinXP had increased 
> by 2 after I created the Linux partitions, changing c:\boot.ini to make 
> the 2 corresponding boot entries referencing the new partition numbers 
> resolves the problem. However, I am still unable to boot from any WinXP 
> Installation CD.

We prefer bottom posting here, Andrew.  Please try to comply if you can.

You have to set your BIOS to try to boot the CD BEFORE the hard drive.
I typically have the boot order set to:

	USB flash drive
	hard drive

The idea is to have the system try removable media first before the
hard disk.
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