Partitioning / LVM Advice RHEL4

Marc M linuxr at
Thu Jun 16 21:01:12 UTC 2005


I am setting up a Dell poweredge box with two 70 g hard drives. The default 
LVM partition has one / with everything in it, and two volume groups, one 
for each scsi drive. 

Since I havent put the machine in production yet, I am wondering if I should 
manually reduce the one from 70 to about 40, and save off about 30 GB? This 
will be running one application, nothing else to speak of, but I am a bit 
paranoid about log files filling up partitions and the like, especially on a 
server running an app like this day in and day out. I am also paranoid about 
having one big / 

Also I am wondering if mirroring is something I should even consider. I 
don't think we need anywhere NEAR 140 gigs. Maybe I could just make manual 
copies of certain files and leave them on my 'extra' 30 GB partition. 

If anyone has a good general 'rules of thumb' type link or paper please 

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