Keeping track of config file changes

Harold Hallikainen harold at
Fri Jun 17 03:37:15 UTC 2005

>> Interesting idea... Maybe the current one could just be .conf and keep
>> all
>> the old ones with .n . Another thing I want to do is to quickly find ALL
>> the config files I've modified. I guess I could throw something unique
>> into the backup file names (ie, smb.conf.6.HH). I just tried that,
>> expecting ls -R *.HH to find it, but it doesn't unless the file is in my
>> current directory. What do I do to find files named *.HH anywhere on the
>> system?
> Try:
> 	find / -name "*.HH" -print

Works great!  THANKS! I'll start keeping my modified configs that way.


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