cloning a boot partition

karlp at karlp at
Sat Jun 18 03:54:06 UTC 2005

> On 6/16/05, Mark Knecht <markknecht at> wrote:
>> just unpacked a little EIDE to USB adapter device that is supposed to
>> allow me to attach a raw EDIE drive to the system as a USB drive.
>> (We'll see if it works in 20 minutes!) ;-) Anyway, I expect that the
>> EIDE drive will be /dev/hda and the USB drive with be /dev/sda. Would
>> something like this work?
>> dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/sda
> Unfortunately it appears that this little USB to EIDE adapter I got
> from Newegg doesn't work. (Or the drive is bad which seems unlikely)

It appears to me that the issue is USB 2.0, which probably isn't backward
compatible to USB 1.1, which I'd bet you need in order to get it to work.

That's a bite in the backside. Good luck with the network solution. Too
bad you can't just plug in an unused PC temporarilly...


> Without this piece of hardware I have no way to attach the new hard
> drive to the working machine to do the clone.
> Back to the drawing board. I guess I'll have to temporarily put a
> CDROM in the new machines so that I can boot them normally. If that
> works then maybe I'll do the dd work over the network. Disappointing.
> thanks all,
> Mark
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