Help needed Fedora Core 4 install problem, X server does not start

Bob McClure Jr robertmcclure at
Mon Jun 20 20:39:17 UTC 2005

On Mon, Jun 20, 2005 at 01:30:36PM -0700, Leila Lappin wrote:
> I installed Fedora Core 4 today.  But several things
> failed and one of them may be causing the problem that
> X server ( graphical interface) is not coming up.  I
> get a dialog box popping up with this message:
> I cannot start the X server ( your graphical
> interface).  It seems that the pointer device (your
> mouse) is not set up correctly.  Would you like to
> view the X server output to diagnose the problem?
> Now I seem to be in text mode, what do I need to do
> next?

I've not yet seen FC4, but in FC3, the command to run is


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