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Rick Stevens rstevens at
Wed Jun 22 19:21:57 UTC 2005

Rodrigo Faria Tavares wrote:
> Hello,
> I  made the download of Red Hat Enteprise 4.
> I tried install these in AMD 500MHZ Onboard. (fail)
> When I put the cd in drive happen the initial screen, I write enter, so 
> the machine reboot.

Do you mean that at the "boot:" prompt, you hit the ENTER key and the
machine rebooted?  Were there any other messages displayed?

> In my Pentium IV (offboad) was installed with success.
> The red hat enterprise nedd a spcecify hardware ?

Not particularly.  It does require 128MB or more of RAM.  It may require
more if you do a GUI install, so you may want to try a text-mode
install if you have less than 256MB.  At the "boot:" prompt, enter
"linux text" and see how that goes.

> Red Hat have dual boot, with windows ?
> I know red hat fedora core, but RHEL i have a little knowledge.

Red Hat Enterprise 4 is based on Fedora Core 2, so if you're familiar
with FC2, RHEL4 shouldn't present too many surprises to you.

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