cloning a boot partition

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Sat Jun 25 04:43:31 UTC 2005

> karlp at wrote:
>>>karlp at wrote:
>>>>>On 6/16/05, Mark Knecht <markknecht at> wrote:
>>>>>>just unpacked a little EIDE to USB adapter device that is supposed to
>>>>>>allow me to attach a raw EDIE drive to the system as a USB drive.
>>>>>>(We'll see if it works in 20 minutes!) ;-) Anyway, I expect that the
>>>>>>EIDE drive will be /dev/hda and the USB drive with be /dev/sda. Would
>>>>>>something like this work?
>>>>>>dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/sda
>>>>>Unfortunately it appears that this little USB to EIDE adapter I got
>>>>>from Newegg doesn't work. (Or the drive is bad which seems unlikely)
>>>>It appears to me that the issue is USB 2.0, which probably isn't
>>>>compatible to USB 1.1, which I'd bet you need in order to get it to
>>>Uh, USB2.0 will run USB1.1 devices if that's what you mean.  Note that
>>>olders computers can't boot USB devices unless a BIOS update has been
>>>performed.  Also, USB hard disks show up as SCSI (just like just about
>>>everything else that isn't IDE/EIDE/ATA).
>> I beg to differ. Here at work, we install quite a few USB devices and
>> have
>> too many problems installing USB2.0 devices on PCs with USB1.1
>> ports/drivers. Yes, USB2.0 is backward compatible, however, USB1.1 isn't
>> forward compatible and on drives we've installed that are addressed to
>> USB2.0 and larger than about 64MB addressable memory, we have
>> significant
>> problems.
> If you read what I wrote, I said "USB2.0 will run USB1.1 devices".  I
> said nothing about 1.1 running 2.0 devices, which it obviously can't.

Hey, I had a senior moment... I'm 50 now. Aren't I entitled? Okay, I don't
believe in entitlements. Now what? Senility?


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