accessing windows file in fedora core 3 Linux

Graeme Nichols gnichols at
Tue Jun 28 04:15:54 UTC 2005

Aggrawal, Mohit wrote:

>      I have installed fedora core 3 Linux on my machine which already
>has windows XP previously installed ....i was to access the windows file
>in linux ....can any body help me in doing that ????the file system in
>XP is NTFS ...!!
>  Thanks in advance
>      Mohit
Hello Mohit,  Google for the following rpm;


The above is for the stock kernel as comes with FC3.  If you have 
upgraded your kernel you will need to get the rpm for your kernel. You 
should find it on the same site as the above.

Install it with the following command;

rpm -ivh <name of rpm as above> and you will be able to access your ntfs 
win xp partition. After I installed the above rpm the windows ntfs 
partition is mounted automatically. It may not necessarily mount 
automatically on your system. Check your /etc/fstab file and your /mnt 
dir for a mount point.

Good luck.


Kind regards,


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