GhostScript 8.51

Mark McCulligh mmcculli at
Tue Jun 28 16:07:15 UTC 2005

Hi Group,

I am trying to install GhostScript 8.51 on my RHEL 3 box.  I currently 
have version 7.x on the box installed using the rpm.  I cannot find a 
rpm that will work for GhostScript 8.51. (If someone knows of one let me 
know, PLEASE!)  I am going to try and install it by configuring from 
source.  I was wondering what is the best way to go about it. Do I just 
compile the source and it will update my rpm version of GhostScript.  
Should I remove the rpm version first? It has lots of depends for I 
don't know if I can uninstall it without breaking something.


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