accessing windows file in fedora core 3 Linux

Alexey Fadyushin fab at
Tue Jun 28 18:20:35 UTC 2005

Kostas Sfakiotakis wrote:
> Greetings Mohit
> Aggrawal, Mohit wrote:
>> Hello       I have installed fedora core 3 Linux on my machine which 
>> already
>> has windows XP previously installed ....i was to access the windows file
>> in linux ....can any body help me in doing that ????the file system in
>> XP is NTFS ...!!
> This question has been answered multiple times in the past and the
> answer remains still the same for Fedora Core 3 .
> The Fedora Core releases as it was with Redhat releases come with
> a kernel that doesn't support the NTFS Filesystem ( as it is )  .
> So the answer to your question is that you will have to recompile the
> kernel that you use and this time compile the NTFS READ ONLY module
> with it .

Actually, there is EXPERIMENTAL, DANGEFOUS read-write support for NTFS 
in the kernel module. If needed, it should be switched on during kernel 
compilation. Howewer, it is considered very unstable and most probably 
will damage filesystem.

Alexey Fadyushin
Brainbench MVP for Linux.

>>   Thanks in advance
>>       Mohit
> Kind Regards,
>   Kostas
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