backing up /sys

Harold Hallikainen harold at
Wed Jun 29 00:00:19 UTC 2005

> Yes.  That's the infamous "sysfs" stuff.  You want to back up the
> directory name, but not its contents.  Also beware of some "dev" stuff
> (from "devfs" and "udev").

What happens if you DO back it up and later restore it. I'd guess that if
the system were not running when the backup was run (like running Norton
Ghost) that it would be safe to just make a drive image and then restore
the image later (a true bare metal backup... kinda like a long interrupt).
If, however, the system is backing itself up (I tar everything to an
external USB drive weekly), what happens if you do restore these
directories to their previous state? Does it really mess things up?


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