kernel panic during install - can't find root device

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Subject: kernel panic during install - can't find root device

I'm trying to install FC4 for x86-64. Details:- two AMD Opteron 244's- 2GB of RAM- booting from DVD (/dev/hdc) - I verified the sha1 hash- hard drive is on the second SATA controller, which under Debian  showed up as /dev/sdaAt the boot prompt, I've tried the default setting plus the following  commands:linux textlinux root=/dev/hdcWith the default setting, it claims it can't mount root device  . If I set the root device to /dev/hdc, it complains that it  can't find something like "init" - it's hard to catch, since the  debugging trace information fills the screen shortly thereafter.Does anyone know what I should enter at the boot prompt?Thanks in advance,Chris Buxton_______________________________________________Redhat-install-list mailing listRedhat-install-list at redhat.com Unsubscribe Go To ABOVE URL or send a message to:redhat-install-list-request at redhat.comSubject: unsubscribe

Well i heard about some stupid way to fix the Kernel Panic thing during setup, it didn't helped me to with my RHEL 4 AS but it did helped most people, here how it goes:

you boot from the DVD (or the CD) it shows a pretty thing called "boot:" first you write "mediacheck", and hit Enter
It shows an error, then you write "linux mediacheck" and hit Enter again.

It sounds stupid, i know, but the strange thing is that it works... sometimes :)

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