nagios for RHEL

chuck lawrence celawrence at
Wed Apr 29 18:55:39 UTC 2009

On 4/29/2009 9:00 AM, redhat-install-list-request at wrote:

> I am unable to find this package. up2date nagios or up2date --showall
> | grep -i nagios gives me nothing. I also did a Package Search from
> Redhat's website. I found the package from but I
> hit dependency hell - it required libperl.
> I don't want to download and compile from source. How do I install this package?

take a look at the fedora quickstart...

I was able to get it installed on centos 5 pretty easily.  configuring it 
beyond the localhost was another story however.  and now I have to do it 
for freebsd, alas.

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