Update RedHat Enterprise without a subscription

Rick Stevens ricks at nerd.com
Wed Sep 2 21:32:28 UTC 2009

Robert Gonzales wrote:
> I would like to know if it is possible to apply security and bug fixes
> to RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 without purchasing a subscription?

To answer both of your posts, RHEL doesn't use yum for updates.  It uses 
"up2date" and it requires a subscription (or to use their terms, an 
"entitlement"--what are they, government workers?)

yum is used by CentOS and Fedora.  CentOS is built from Red Hat's SRPMs
and tracks RHEL closely, but does lag behind a bit (a couple of days at
most, usually).  Most fixes to RHEL can be found in CentOS.

Now, you CAN use yum and aim it at the CentOS 5 repositories for free.
You may have to bugger the repo scripts a bit because the
/etc/redhat-release" file for RHEL (where yum gets its "$releasever"
variable from) has different data than that for CentOS.

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