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Re: RH Fedora network interfaces

Chris wrote:

> I can bring up and down both interfaces after a cold boot and everything works
great.  But if I do a warm boot, the problem comes back to life - RH9 / Fedora
Core 1 will not see network ports.

I have downloaded the latest Intel drivers for this card, Pro/100 82559, and
when I 'make install' it goes okay but the last line says:

depmod: *** Unresolved symbols in

Is this a cause for concern?  (I am not physically in front of the server as I
write this so I didn't want to remotely reboot the sucker in case it doesn't
come back up and I have to drive to the datacenter again).

I'm not a guru on compiling stuff, so I'm afraid you're on your own there, but I wouldn't reboot that server either at this point.

I did some digging on the error message above and in somewhat similar cases
(problems with getting network ports to work properly), I can also add that my
/etc/modules.conf has:

alias eth0 e100
alias eth1 e100

which appears to be correct.  The only other thing someone else had posted on a
vaguely related subject was that in his case some of the bootup scripts were
trying to access network ports ahead of 'ifconfig eth0 up' which was running
much later on in the bootup process.  Could this be a similar problem?  Where
can I look for the order this gets loaded in and where can I change it so that
'ifconfig eth0 up' runs later in the process?  (if that is a problem, that is)

I personally don't think so. How does a cold boot versus a warm boot alter the boot up process? In my opinion it does not.

I'm really still of the view that the card is left in an unstable command state upon re-booting the server. A cold boot will reset the PCI bus, hence the cards, whereas a warm boot does not. I really feel this is the problem.

If it worked in 7.3 as you say, check the version number of the 7.3 e100 modules and see if they will compile under 9/FC1 maybe?

I'm running out of suggestion here :(


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