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Re: Email addresses spoofing


First, thanks to all that replied to my message asking about this topic.

I have another question regarding this topic: what if the sysadmin on top of
sending us a message saying that we'd sent a virus put us on a black
list...? Then no real message from our domain could be send to them...!

(I know, it's stupid but some people are acting like that!!! With the best


If the SysAdmin is worth his weight, then he should have an admin his_domain com address (or postmaster account) that allows email from anyone, black hole list or not.

Before I ditched using RBL's all together, this was how we had our system set up. RBL's became such a hassle and some really prominant ones disappeared that I was looking for an alternative (not to mention that I was having more and more of our clients ending up on them, and more and more spam was getting through, go figure...!)

I since have moved to using a MailScanner/MailWatch/ClamAV/SpamAssassin solution with ActiveSpamKiller (ASK) along with Sendmail, and what a difference it has made. Spam went to 0% overnight, with no false positives or false negatives so far. What is more, is that with ASK, my users take care of their own white/black listing themselves via email. I have not had to intervene yet! And I feel that our Windows workstations are more secure if not immune from Viri.

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