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RE: File transfers between linux and windows?

> Eric Evans said:
> > Hi folks,
> >
> > On a dual-OS PC that has both Windows and RH Linux, what's
> the best way
> > to  transfer files from the Windows side to the Linux side or vice
> > versa?  I  thought I heard somewhere that if you create a third
> > partition that is FAT,  that you could access that
> partition from either
> > the Windows and Linux  partitions, so you could use this
> third partition
> > as a way to transfer  files back and forth.  Is there any
> truth to this?
> >  If so, how do you go  about accessing this FAT partition
> from Linux?
> Richard S. Crawford (AIM: Buffalo2K)
> Wow.  I have a dual-boot computer at home, but I don't think
> I've accessed
> the Winderz side since I built the box back in January 2003.
> Having said that, yes, a FAT32 partition is the way to go. 
> Linux can read
> FAT but not NTFS, and Windows can read FAT but not ext3.

There are drivers available that allow Linux to mount an NTFS partition read-only and one to allow Windows to mount ext2/3 partitions again read-only. Depends on why you need to access files on both OSs as to whether this will suffice. http://linux-ntfs.sourceforge.net/ has the details.


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