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RE: Help, my system died - stuck at GRUB

At the grub prompt,
try running these commands

rootnoverify (hd0, 0) ---- or (hd0, 1) depending on what your winxp partition is
 chainloader +1

hopefully that will stick you into windows

you can also try and manually boot redhat by

kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.whatever root=/dev/hdc(whatever your redhat partition is) initrd /boot/initrd-2.4.whatever.img

if you don't know what kernel you are running, double tab after the /boot/ will autocomplete file names at this point.

Hope this helps

From: "j. gomez" <jg573 yahoo com>
Reply-To: redhat-list redhat com
To: redhat-list redhat com
Subject: Help, my system died - stuck at GRUB
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 09:32:08 -0800 (PST)

I have (well, more like had) a Thinkpad X20 Laptop
dual booting between Redhat 9 & XP Pro .

Everything was working fine, then last nite I
accidentally lifted it off the docking base while in
the middle of a X-windows/Gnome session doing some
It froze hard.
I had no choice but to power cycle it & reboot.

When it came back it gave me the Grub boot menu, I
selected Linux again.
When I got into the shell it started giving me disk
Then it froze up/became unresponsive before I could
run an fsck.
It started freaking out, I got 'bad magic number
errors', i/o / disk errors, etc...

I rebooted again, this time GRUB menu did not show up.
Instead it give me some GRUB shell with just a GRUB
command prompt "grub>"
It says to hit TAB for info on commands & what not.
I am stuck here.

I don't have any boot disks with me & was wondering if
there is anyway I can force GRUB to boot at least XP,
or Linux preferably.
Any ideas?
I am new to Grub & Redhat 9 so forgive me if this is

I am stuck & out of town on biz travel with  an
incapacitated laptop now (not good).
If anyone could offer some help with this I'd  be very


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