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Window manager not working

Using Gnome and Metacity on RH9 I moved some directories around logged in
under my usual id but acting as su.  When I tried to log in later as root
where I had saved a configuration with a nautilus window open into a
non-existent directory I got an error.  So far nothing is wrong but when I
OK the error message it appears that the window manager is hoeked.  I can
launch new windows but they do not have draggable/resizable borders.  When I
select redhat>preferences>windows to run gnome-window-properties It refuses
to run saying:

Cannot start the preferences application for your window manager.

Window manager "unknown" has not registered a configuration tool.

KDE works OK and running as root from my Windows XP machine through
X-Windows is OK (I am using Windows XP as the window manager on the PC).
Everything is fine when logging in with my usual id.  All of which leads me
to think the window manager has been stepped on for root when running on
localhost.  Some user specific file needs to be fixed...

Any idea how I can fix this?


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