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RE: Fate of RedHat

And also, if you think Oracle or IBM or HP are doing a favor to Linux by
adopting it. Think again. Oracle,IBM and HP need Linux more than the
other way around. Otherwise, they would not be doing it. It is that


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On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Ravi Verma wrote:

> Dear Friends:
[ fanatical rant snipped ]

Possibly is is so that Oracle (who's market is not the general home user

or small business, but rather the larger business sector) can ensure
their software will be installed on a system that they know will have 
support from another commercial entity.

While it will not be foolproof - it will mean that if something is found
to be an OS bug then Oracle can say to the customer "I would suggest
that you take this up with your OS vendor to fix" and leave it at that
instead of getting into the OS market and having to release "Oracle
patches" to the customers OS.

If you dont like it - then use another database product, switch to
go the unsupported route, but ranting like this just shows your lack of 
understanding of the requirements of the larger business sector and how 
they differ from smaller organisations. Complaining to the redhat
list is probably not going to get any of your issues solved.

At least the larger corporates like Oracle have started to recognise
Linux is a viable OS and has reached maturity - and are supporting it as

best they know how - who knows, if other Linux OS vendors prove to have
stable and _supported_ (read: commercially) platform then you may find 
that these get Oracle ports as well - and this in turn leads to the 
ability to run it on unsupported linux distributions as well. As linux 
advocates we should be thankful for this, it shows that we are doign 
things right and that we are getting the word out there. Give the market

time and be thankful in the fact that we are further along and have more

commercial support than we did 13 years ago.

Ranting like this really achieves nothing except to show your lack of 


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