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Re: Fate of RedHat

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Robert Canary wrote:

> Okay I'll ask agin...
> Why is this subject comming up?  There is 
> obviously something I have missed....where is 
> RedHat going? and why did you mention 9.0 
> specifically?

RedHat have changed their operational model.

RedHat 9.0 is mentioned especially as that is the last "RedHat supported" 
product in the line of "freely downloadable supported redhat releases"

Their "Free to download" product they moved to another department and 
called it "Fedora" (actually, I think fedora was already running as a 
project but redhat have now invested heavily in them - feel free to 
correct this)

Their "Next redhat release" they made available via purchase only and have 
called this "RedHat Workstation" of which there are a number of different 
flavors with varying pricing points.

People get very agrivated over this and feel RedHat has betrayed them by 
trying to work toward a more commercial focus and feel this is 
justification to tell the world that they intend on moving to <insert 
other distribution from the list of hundreds here>

Someone should write a FAQ.


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