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RE: Fate of RedHat

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Thomas E. Dukes wrote:

> > RedHat 9.0 is mentioned especially as that is the last 
> > "RedHat supported" 
> > product in the line of "freely downloadable supported redhat releases"
> > 
> > Their "Free to download" product they moved to another 
> > department and called it "Fedora" (actually, I think fedora 
> > was already running as a project but redhat have now invested 
> > heavily in them - feel free to correct this)

> RedHat has forgotten that it was us little people that put them on the map.
> I have been using RedHat since 1996!

So how much do you think they have invested in Fedora and how do you think 
that redhat do not acknowledge you, the little person ?

I find it amazing that a change in name (probably to stop all the 
[silly] people that believe that because they downloaded and installed 
something called "RedHat" from this "redhat.com" place that they are 
entitled to suppot as part of their right as a free citizen ! nag dabbit 
!) has had such an impact on the people out there.

it is _really_ simple. If you feel so jilted by RedHat's move, then 
_choose another distribution_

Or are you saying that because you gave them $40 of yer own hard earned 
cash 8 years ago, they are not allowed to concentrate on a different area 
of the community ? (while still providing you with a free to download, 
redhat like and community supported distro which has a different name but 
is in essence the same product as redhat but with newer applications)



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