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Re: Fate of RedHat

Steve wrote:
People get very agrivated over this and feel RedHat has betrayed them by trying to work toward a more commercial focus and feel this is justification to tell the world that they intend on moving to <insert other distribution from the list of hundreds here>

Someone should write a FAQ.

I find it funny (and sad at the same time) that the same people who just a year ago would have been shouting Red Hat at the top of their lungs had someone mentioned Microsoft, are so willing to 'jump ship' now. So Red Hat is going to charge now...they're a business!!! I saw one email on here where someone complained that if you didn't buy a version of WS which came with <insert app here>, you couldn't download the rpm from Red Hat, and that this wasn't right because RH didn't make the software, just packaged it in a nice RPM. Guess some people don't realize how nasty compiling from source (not source RPM's mind you) can be.

It's all about the Rush

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