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usb-uhci.c error message

I have a samba server, redhat 8. Two printers are connected to it, a hp deskjet 890 by parallell port and a canon mp700 multifunctional connected to usb.

After installing the canon mp700 on usb I got following message:

kernel: usb-uhci.c: interrupt, status 28, frame# 1335
Service halted, trying to restart". Then this message repeats over and over.

Bugzilla, http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=76841 gave among many this comment for the problem:

"The message accompains thousands of unrelated scenarios, so SuSE simply
comment it out in order to prevent bugs like this. We ship it count-limited,
perhaps the count patch was lost.

In summary, it's a totally useless message, which never helps to debug anything
and only serves to confuse users. So, disregarding idiotic printout, most
users in this bug see no problem"

If it is like that, that this message does not have any meaning, how can I stop it from appearing?

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