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Re: Fate of RedHat

Thomas E. Dukes wrote:

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On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Robert Canary wrote:

Okay I'll ask agin...

Why is this subject comming up? There is obviously

something I have
missed....where is RedHat going? and why did you mention 9.0 specifically?

RedHat have changed their operational model.

RedHat 9.0 is mentioned especially as that is the last "RedHat supported" product in the line of "freely downloadable supported redhat releases"

Their "Free to download" product they moved to another department and called it "Fedora" (actually, I think fedora was already running as a project but redhat have now invested heavily in them - feel free to correct this)

Their "Next redhat release" they made available via purchase only and have called this "RedHat Workstation" of which there are a number of different flavors with varying pricing points.

People get very agrivated over this and feel RedHat has betrayed them by trying to work toward a more commercial focus and feel this is justification to tell the world that they intend on moving to <insert other distribution from the list of hundreds here>

RedHat has forgotten that it was us little people that put them on the map.
I have been using RedHat since 1996!
Someone should write a FAQ.


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Not much has really changed. I think you are definitely missing something. You still have automated updates, and you can still have commercial support( just not from RH ). There are many companies who can support your Linux needs if you have any. I'm not sure what RH was providing you with RH9.0 that you really don't get with Fedora. What exactly are you losing? Answer that question specifically and you may find that the reply you get sounds just as good.

I upgraded to FC1 as soon as it was released. I had no problems. As far as up2date goes....don't use the defaults change your config file to use a mirror. Works awesome. RH9.0, SuSE, Debian, and others are only as stable as the open source products they are built on top of.

I for one have not been able to get Debian to work on much of my hardware, don't know why, it's something in the install. But, what commercial support do you get with Debian? What about SuSE as relating to updates and outside of online updates. I happen to like SuSE, but I have not really seen the differences which the debates are always trying to be based. SuSE, RH, and Mandrake IMHO are by far the best distros. They are all very similar as relating to stability between releases. RH9.0/Fedora(RH10)...I haven't been able to see the issue, and I have used all of them for some time.


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