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Re: Fate of RedHat

At 04:51 2/23/2004, you wrote:
People who went to qualify as a RHCE had a similar problem [...]
The qualification only covers the release
current at the point of the exam, plus the next release. This means that the
people who have spent a lot of money have been short-changed.

Not true. Given earlier policies, an RHCE certification was likely to be good for about three years, and the person certified was (in the real world) going to have to be comfortable with roughly three major releases or risk looking foolish at work for not knowing a bunch of release-specific stuff. And he/she would make RH and the cert look bad if that happened.

Under the new policies, with RHEL releases every 12-18 months, one can see that RHCE's need only know *two* major releases, and their cert is still likely to last for two or three years. And the level of expertise which is actually delivered to the customer is, on average, likely to increase slightly. Most RHCE's take care to stay fully current... this will force the laggard few to pick up their heels.

I see no harm.

On a personal note I have not yet looked into prices of the current offerings
so I can't comment, but if Fedora is basically a replacement for RawHide I
won't be using it on any of my production boxes.

Again, you have been misinformed. Fedora is intended to be what you would have expected out of Red Hat Linux 10. The /development model/ has changed, but Rawhide is still there, and FC1 bears no resemblance to it. For example, I'm sure you have noticed that the 2.6 kernel is looking pretty good already, and pretty stable in many cases, and yet it is still slated for release in FC2 around April/May, and *not* as an update to FC1.

How is that "bleeding edge" to you? Seems like decent, fairly-lengthy, and quite excellent QA and testing to me.

Unfortunately, - and I know these comments are being scathed and ridiculed
elsewhere - I will now have to start looking at other dists.

Go right ahead. Use what's best for you. Never follow a system blindly. No harm in it. No single alternative is best for everyone, and everyone's needs are different.

I just hope you do it for the right reasons (those detailed in the previous paragraph are just a few examples), and with the right information in hand. The two comments to which I have responded above show that not *all* the information you have is accurate.

Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz simpaticus com

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