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Re: Fate of RedHat

Dave Ihnat wrote:
I never used any free RedHat distribution; my clients and always paid
for software and RHN.  As have I.  The problem is that Linux is fighting
the entrenched monoculture.  With this move, the benefits aren't as
obvious to potential clients; the risks are still there.  It's harder
to sell.

And my business IS RedHat's.  If I can't sell clients on the idea of
changing to Linux, RedHat doesn't sell.  Period.

What benifits have changed? Is Red Hat any less secure? Is the TCO of Red Hat more than Microsoft now? Are there any less applications available for Red Hat? The only difference is the level of support, and what comes with the different versions. If you still intend to use Red Hat for your clients, then the only addition to your job is to break down the different levels to said client.

I want them to provide a product.  I want that product to meet MY needs, yes.
If it doesn't, I don't buy it.  What part of a free market economy don't you

They do provide a product. I understand free market, do you? You seem to think that this is some sort of injustice against you. Free market is a two way street. Red Hat has to do what is right for them, not what is right for you. If you feel slighted, or if you feel your customers will be more secure with a not-so-well-know-name, then by all means, make the switch. It's been my experience however, that the customer doesn't always care about what I (or you) think about this, even if you're a hired consultant. Customers tend to trust a name. I really don't see this hurting your ability to sell the Red Hat products, unless you don't want to take that extra step and explain to your customers what they get for their dollar now.

As for *fair*, do you honestly think it's fair for you to turn your
back ("I'll have to leave") on Red Hat, a company which has given your
their product for free for years?

They may have given product free to someone else, but never to me.
By my choice.

And what's "fair" got to do with it?

You brougt up fair, hinting that the new way Red Hat was handling things like RPM's for the different versions was unfair.

Repeat after me:  Business. Relationship.  You sell me what I need, I'll
buy and market it.

They are still selling the same exact product. But it's you who doesn't want to buy it now. The product hasn't changed, just the pricing structure.

Nobody is making you force anything on your clients. You and your clients just have to make a choice now; Pay a bit for Red Hat's services
and software, compile from source for free, or go to another vendor.
I don't see anyone forcing you or your clients to do anything.

True.  And I could do that quietly, never letting RedHat know it's making
long-term customers unhappy, and why.

Instead I choose to give them feedback.  Not whining about "losing
freebies", but providing business-oriented input.  They can do what they
want with it, including ignoring it.

This mailing list really isn't the place to let your feelings know to the decision makers at Red Hat. I only know of one Red Hat employee who reads this list (there may be more), and he doesn't make business decisions. On this list, is just sounds like 'whining'.

It's all about the Rush

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