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Re: Fate of RedHat

On Tuesday 24 February 2004 4:14 am, Ed Wilts wrote:
> Not have you not looked at pricing, but you haven't looked at the
> product either.  Fedora is not a replacement for Rawhide - it's a
> replacement for Red Hat Linux.  Rawhide continues at it always has.
> Fedora has frozen release cycles - Rawhide does not.

Hello Ed and Rodolfo,

I will hold up my hand and repeat what I said in my OP.  I was voicing an 
opinion I have built up based on what I had heard on this list and others.

I was wrong.

I did not know of the changes to the RHCE scheme (the rant about the term 
'engineer' still stands although that's not aimed at RH specifically).

Based on your two comments I will take a closer look at Fedora and test load 
it (yes I know I should have done that first).

Gary Stainburn
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