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Re: Redhat Cert update (off spring of Fate or Redhat)

$250 per year is steep. You have to figure that Red Hat will only be
releasing RHEL at 18 to 24 month intervals, not 12 months. All 6 exams I
took for the MCSE were in this ball park and the MCSE for NT is still
valid (as far as I know) but even still that's been since 2000 and the
cert was available even before then.

I was under the impression that the certification was supposed to be good
for 2 releases so if it's 18-24 month per release (lets take 24 for the
math), that would mean the cert would be good for 4 years, which isn't

I still would like to see an upgrade course, giving some consideration to

I myself am in the unfortunate situation of not being in a position
requiring the skills ( I can't wait for that day). I ended up paying for
the  class out of my own pocket.

> At 11:00 2/24/2004, you wrote:
>>So that's, roughly, $3,250/yr.  (Assuming yearly new releases).
> How the heck do you figure that?
> In the very worst case, with releases being made every 12 months, then you
> have to take courses and an exam every two years. But this assumes that
> you
> don't do any work at all, don't keep up with the material yourself, and
> need to be taught everything twice.
> In the best case, you learn on your own (perhaps even the first time,
> perhaps from the second onward), and you take only the exam for $750. If
> releases are 18 months apart, then it cost you $250/year to be RHCE
> certified. If you are actually working in the field on these systems and
> you keep one box or two at home to play with, I don't think you should
> need
> any of the courses.
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