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RE: Redhat Cert update (off spring of Fate or Redhat)

I would have to agree with Ed.

I got my RHCT recently and also am certified in NT 4.0 and MCSA.

Needless to say, it felt good to get the RHCT because it was one of the few certs in the industry that actually made you pass the test by DOING the test.
There is a certain feeling of accomplishment that you know you did not pass through brain dumps. And don't get me wrong, I am not saying people who pass other certs do brain dumps.
But the fact of the matter is, NT 4.0's got a bad rap simply because of the companies out there offering "boot camps" and "pass guarantees".
W2k certs a bit better, because you have to know the material to pass.

Not to digress anymore, but I would rank RHCE right up there with the CCIE cert.

I am currently studying and my goal is to get the RHCE eventually.
In MHO, RHCE's, from the posts that I have seen in this forum, have a base knowledge that can be applied and transcends RH releases year after year.
Just my 2 cents////

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On Tue, Feb 24, 2004 at 12:45:34PM -0500, James Marcinek wrote:
> $250 per year is steep. You have to figure that Red Hat will only be
> releasing RHEL at 18 to 24 month intervals, not 12 months. All 6 exams I
> took for the MCSE were in this ball park and the MCSE for NT is still
> valid (as far as I know) but even still that's been since 2000 and the
> cert was available even before then.

Part of the issue is that an MCSE certified on NT probably isn't very
useful for doing difficult work on on 2003.

For the certification to be useful in the marketplace, it needs to be
current.  An old certification that you got by taking a crash course in
a week and passing the exam isn't useful today.

The RHCE is one of the top certifications for good reasons - you
actually have to know the stuff and you're relatively current.

The more time passes by, the farther behind you get.  4 years ago Red
Hat was shipping 6.2 I think (I'd verify this but I hope you get my

> I was under the impression that the certification was supposed to be good
> for 2 releases so if it's 18-24 month per release (lets take 24 for the
> math), that would mean the cert would be good for 4 years, which isn't
> bad.

As I stated earlier, the *published* release cycle is 12-18 months.

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