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Re: console frozen, can't switch vt

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004 18:29:01 +0000
g whitley mott <grwm gnuleaf net> wrote:

> hello redhatters,
> i would guess i need to reboot, but i just thought i'd ask first..
> i killed X with ctl-alt-bsp, the console still shows a signature
> pattern of my windows dying away, ctl-alt-Fn doesn't work, i can get
> in via ssh from elsewhere, X is gone, getty is still running on the
> VT's, chvt doesn't help.
> it's not happened to me before, i've exhausted my tricks for how to
> nudge it.  are there any other tricks to try?
> also fwiw, the reason i killed X is because, using gimp, X quickly
> gets mired in pageswap to the tune of 280mb total.  and, page swap
> is surprisingly slow on this rh9 box, while other disk activity is
> as speedy as you'd expect.  meanwhile running gimp on the same box
> with X on a different rh7.2 box, X there (4.1.0-50) doesnt grab
> anywhere near as much memory, so i'm guessing the newer xfree86
> (4.3.0-2.90.55) is a pig..
> tia,
> -g
   You might try, (even typing 'blindly'):

      stty sane <enter>

This will attempt to bring the console back to some 'reasonable'


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